The famous Kiwi parrot and his girlfriend just became parents. The babies are just adorable

Kiwi became famous when his owner first shared photos of him in Instagram. The photos of the colorful and cute parrot simply conquered the hearts of users. Thanks to his owner Kiwi found the love of his life – a dark-toned parrot Siouxie. Despite their different appearance, this couple looks adorable.

We at Beautiful World decided to share with you their love story to show that appearance doesn’t really matter when love is there.

We even don’t know who is more adorable – parrot couple or their lovely owner:

Kiwi was the only parrot and after a while he looked very sand and wasn’t as active as before.

So, the owner decided to find a companion for Kiwi. It was definitely a love at first sight.

They are so different but so adorable when they’re together.

They didn’t stay one without another. They were always together.

The cuteness of these cuddling moment just overpasses.

And this is how they’re hugging each other.

After a while they got news – 4 little eggs and some patience.

At that moment they expressed so much love to each other, that I thought no-one could ever feel love like they did.

Here the first baby came to the life.

He doesn’t look so adorable as his parents, does he?

We all couldn’t wait to see the colors of their feathers.

They grew up, however they all had the same color.

By the time the colors had changed.

At this family portrait you can see all the members.

They all looked different and adorable.

They are so cute, aren’t they?

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