The Ecuadorian government planned to drill a part of the Rainforest, but an Amazonian tribe won the lawsuit and protected the territory.

Global warming, environmental disasters, air pollution and many other problems appear because we do not protect our planet. The rainforests play a major role in our lives, even if we don’t notice it. They create oxygen and keep the air clean.

Beautiful World would like to share a recent story happened in the Amazon Rainforests, which proves that a small group of people might save the whole planet from another grand mistake.

The biggest rainforest in the world is located in Amazon.

Recently the Ecuadorian government announced the tender to drill seven million acres in the Amazon Rainforest.

The native people of Ecuador lived there for ages and opened a lawsuit against the government. Nobody believed they would win. However, they did.

The Amazon tribe actually not only protected their kids from sickness, water from pollution and forest from detriment, but the whole planet from loosing nature.

The case isn’t totally closed yet, since the government is going to appeal the decision. However, this group of people isn’t going to step back, they will protect their lands and nature in any case.

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