The cutest Japanese squirrels that you will definitely fall in love with.

The Japanese squirrel Ezo Momonga is the cutest creature we at Beautiful World have ever seen. They are maximum 20 cm in length and weight 220g, and these little cuties are just amazing.

The flying squirrel Ezo Momonga has big eyes likes in anime movies and just beautiful cute face. They live only on Japanese Hokkaido island, so you can only meet them there.

These squirrels are so shy, that even if you get Hokkaido, it would be difficult to catch a picture of them.

They are herbivorous and have more nocturnal lifestyle.

They are also otherwise called the Japanese flying dwarfs, because they can jump from one tree to another.

Although Japan is full of interesting creatures, this is certainly the cutest.

It’s also common fact that Pokemon creators were inspired by this animal.

Could you imagine this creature colored yellow? Wouldn’t it look like Pikachu? Share your opinion in comments with us.

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