The 30 coolest photos of people who were convinced that Disney’s cartoons are real.

We all enjoyed Disney cartoons at our childhood. The singing birds and bambi and squirrels having a small conversation with the main heroes. And we always thought it can’t ever be real. Well, we assure you it’s real!

We at Beautiful World collected 30 photos of lucky people who managed to become a part of Disney fairy tale.

1) My accessories

2) Bambi is reality

3) Bunny came to talk to me

4) My little baby is a Disney princess now

5) The little friend

6) A real princess on her ball day

7) Officer? Hey officer?

8) Bambi, bambi everywhere

9) My daughter has got a little friend

10) A squirrel came to show me his food

11) He fell asleep after a while

12) Little friend

13) This owl came on my friend’s head during the concert

14) I think he liked my hat

15) A real Disney landscapes

16) This little cutie came to talk to my wife when we were hiking

17) Dear deer… such a cutie came for some love

18) When a Disney princess job is too hard

19) He came to hide in my hoodie

20) Am I a princess already?

21) He came to relax on my hand

22) My daughter’s new mates

23) She wants me to be her prince

24) Disney princess goals…

25) My daughter had a little honey on her finger. A honey bee flew to take some. She was so curious that didn’t even panic

26) This is our guest for past 3 years. And I think they are good friends with my dad.

27) So much excitement

28) I am a king of the birds

29) The cutest princess… you decide which one of them!

30) I think I live in a Disney castle
The 30 coolest photos of people who were convinced that Disney's cartoons are real.

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