Mythical giant “Elephant Queen” is in danger. Photos captured a day before her death.

One of the mightiest creatures is without doubt the mythical elephants. Their height is approximately 3 meters and the weight is around 6000 kg. They differ with the strong attachment to the family and gentleness.

We at Beautiful World are very sorry than there are some people who don’t care about nature and see only profit in it. Researches show that during 9 years the elephant population decreased by more than 60%, which is unacceptable.

There are several countries who fight for the elephant lives and organize many partnerships to save the beautiful nature and these incredible animals.

Thanks to this kind of partnerships this is one of the rare elephants that survived for around 60 years.

The photographer Burrad-Lucas made the photo series presenting a day with an elephant.

He named this elephant “the Queen” explaining that she is as mighty as a true queen should be.

She belongs to the type of elephants, which is very rare at the moment and known as tusker.

They are often killed by the poachers for their large tusks and great size.

The Queen was old and skinny and her tusks were so long that they touched the ground.

She was very kind and tranquil. The photographer says that she was so friendly that sometimes he managed to touch her.

Unfortunately, these majestic elephants are in danger, that Queen managed to survive for so many years, however not every elephant is so lucky. Sometimes people need to live far from the nature to leave it alone in its beauty.

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