A dog trapped in a sticky puddle of tar with no way to escape. The workers heard him barking and did everything to save him.

There are so many touching stories that are worth sharing. Thanks to these stories we still continue to believe in good. One of this kind of touching stories has happened in Poland.

We at Beautiful World would like to share with you a story of a poor dog who was saved thanks to the passersby who couldn’t could go away without giving a hand.

A group of workers were passing the woods and suddenly heard dog’s barking.

They recognized the desperate yelp for help, but step by step it was getting lower.

The workers instantly understood that the dog is in danger and they need to do something quicker.

They discovered the dog stuck in the sticky puddle of tar without no way to escape.

They didn’t know what to do, but they knew that something should be done very quick. They called a rescuer from an animal foundation.

The rescuer later said that dog might never get out of the sticky puddle without help. The dog’s hair were cut where it was too sticky. However, the dog was understanding that it was for his good. It took several hours to get him out of the puddle

Afterwards, the workers took him to the vet. The dog had some injuries, but he recovered very fast.
One of the workers adopted him and now the happy dog has got a caring family.

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