40 great photos that do not need Photoshop to become masterpieces

Beforehand it was much easier to evaluate a photographer for his work, nowadays even a schoolchild uses Photoshop and creates masterpieces. Of course, the professional will easily notice the intervention of a graphic editor, but it may be difficult for the average person:

Beautiful world decided to share with you a selection of amazing captures, which were created without any use of Photoshop.

1)Sunset gradation on the floors

2)It’s one photo

3)No, it is not a scene from Dante’s inferno. It’s a frozen lava

4)As if the sheep are drawn

5)The road prevented the spread of forest fire

6)One against all!

7)Bad weather geometry

8)Amazing clouds

9)The sheep might fly

10)The effects of fog in frosty weather

11)Bright mountain

12)Great capture

13)50 shades of blue

14)The march of Chinese military

15)The wave from inside

16)Wind turbines’ grace

17)Ghost bear of the desert

18)Unbelievable rainbow

19)Storm on the North Sea

20)On a walk in Schönbrunn

21)Your personal rainbow

22)Central Park, New-York


24)My pet

25)Seize the moment

26)Winter is coming

27)Workers wash the walls on the streets of New York

28)Heaven’s Gate

29)It’s hard to believe, but this is not a collage, it’s one photo!

30)An aluminum leak at one of the factories in Hungary …

31)Gloomy forest, isn’t it?


33)Beautiful waves

34)Methane bubbles

35)Natural gradients

36)Atmospheric phenomenon in Australia

37)This tree is about 1400 years old

38)Just yellow leaves, but looks like magic

39)The soul and the body

40)Bird fitting

It’s incredibly nice to watch this kind of works.
Share in comments which photo did you like the most?

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