27 pets that have been caught at the crime scene and they didn’t expect it at all.

We all love our pets, this cutie creature who give us so much happiness. But sometimes it’s really difficult to love them despite all their cuteness and personality. Especially when they’re left alone it simply becomes a disaster…

Beautiful World presents some photos of guilty pets, who were caught at the scene of crime. Despite their naughtiness we can’t stop loving them.

1) They definitely conceive something tricky

2) It’s my sausages. You shall no take it!

3) Even my dog is on vacations…

4) I think I came into the room on inappropriate time…

5) We’ve got a thief

6) We fixed the new window

7) I’m sure he tried to help me

8) He couldn’t wait meeting me

9) Smile and wave and she won’t guess it’s me

10) It’s not what you think…

11) I am a jacket

12) It’s cold outside

13) My couch my rules

14) He looks so sorry that I can’t say anything

15) Our technical support

16) Fashion girl

17) I am hungry

18) Chef’s special

19) Trash can is saved

20) I don’t know what they’ve done yet

21) Fashion is my passion

22) I am in the paradise

23) Oh you’d better stop before you tear me all apart…

24) My cats got crazy

25) It is a hot summer; I need a cool place…

26) Oh… it’s a boy

27) I came to check whether everything is on place, I promise…

Do you have pets? Share in the comments their naughty habits.

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