27 amazing nature photos, that are ideal even without Photoshop.

Nature is the greatest artist, whose talent will never stop amazing. It creates so many unbelievable places that it’s hard to believe that they exist in general.

We at Beautiful World collected 27 stunning photos that will amaze you with their incredible bright colors. And yes, we almost forgot to mention, there is no Photoshop applied. These photos are real!

1) Grand Prismatic Hot Spring in Yellowstone.

It’s the most photographable place in the Yellowstone because of its bright unbelievably beautiful colors. It is one of the world’s largest springs.

2) Winter in Japan.

When we say Japan, we always imagine beautiful Sakura blossoms and nature in pink. However, this photographer captured the country of the rising sun in winter, and it’s just amazing.

3) Hot river

This river is so hot that the water literally boils.

4) Waitomo glowworm cave in New Zealand

A must visit place in NZ. It’s a place where you believe in magic and all the Disney movies come into reality.

5) Lava falling into the ocean at the sunset

6) Black snow in Siberia

7) Lake over the sea in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are small group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are located between Iceland and Norway. This is a special place, since the lake appears above the ocean on the mountains.

8) The shades of ping on snow at the sunset, Finland

9) Valley Quemada de Umaka in Argentina

It seems like this valley owns all the colors possible. The view is amazing.

10) Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is known not only for its Football team or even beer, but also for its unbelievable nature.

11) Tree struck by lightning

12) Incredible Mauritius

The mountains and streaming create an illusion of underwater waterfall. The view both amazes and frightens.

13) Volcano in Guatemala

On this photo it looks like the milky way is coming out of the volcano.

14) Geyser in Iceland

15) The Pacific Ocean from above

The Pacific Ocean isn’t so pacific as its name. The storm in Pacific is terrifying

16) Northern Lights in Iceland

18) Lake in British Columbia

19) Lapland

A place where Santa comes from looks like from another planet.

20) The creation of the ocean

21) Norwegian sky

22) The waves are stronger than a stone

23) Where does the reflection start?

24) Wisteria bloom, Japan

These flowering plants are grown in Japan and have lovely color.

26) Chinese piece of paradise

Have you ever considered that paradise is also made in China?

27) Incredible color of lava

Did you like these photos? Share your favorite ones with us in comments.

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