25 fascinating photos that show the power and multiplicity of nature.

Nature will never cease to amaze us, because its possibilities are endless. There are so many studies and discoveries of new animals and natural phenomena, but there are still more to be discovered.

That’s why Beautiful World collected 25 fascinating photos that will help you to discover the nature and some still unknown things. We hope that this selection will help you rediscover the planet on which we live.

1) Flamingos flying over a lake in Tanzania

2) Who eats whom?

3) Total solar eclipse of 2017

4) Great catch.

5) Hidden Alligator

6) The mount Santa Catalina on fire

7) Successful fishing

8) The storm in the Pacific Ocean from height of 1 kilometer

9) Macaw parrots in the morning light

10) Irregular rainbow

11) Baby swordfish, which will grow to 5 meters

12) Midday dream of leopard

13) The spirit of the forest

14) Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption

15) White tiger under water

16) The cloud looks like a forerunner of the apocalypse

17) The name of this bird – cassowary – translated as “horned head”

18) Please, shut up!

19) The white rhino completely merges with nature around

20) Very dangerous and damn beautiful lava

21) Eye of a crocodile

22) She tried to scare the photographer

23) Lunch time

24) Grand Canyon, lit by lightning

25) Sharks in the waves

Which one impressed you the most? Share with us in the comments.

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