23 rare photos of nature, that you have never seen before.

Nature is full of surprises and any amount of time isn’t enough to reveal all its’ secrets. However, we keep trying to discover the power and beauty of it.

Beautiful World revealed 23 rare photos that we have never seen on biology classes at school. By looking at them you would be surprised what a beauty surrounds us and we don’t even notice it.

1) The chemical reaction’s sediment looks like a forest

2) The largest flower in the world – Amorphophallus Titanium. You can see it blooming only once in forty years.

3) Malagasy Grasshopper has very rare colors.

4) Melanesians are the native people of Solomon Islands in Australia. They have very rare appearance – dark skin and blonde hair. Beautiful, isn’t it?

5) This is what the palm print of an eight-year-old child looks like.

7) Did you know that flowers might grow on the space station?

8) Acrobat

9) Hedgehog’s skeleton, it looks gorgeous

10) Being astronaut isn’t easy at all. Here is a photo how they understand how much oxygen their lungs can move.

11) Albino sea turtle. Its incredibly beautiful.

13) Have you seen an ant from this perspective?

14) Mexican Ajolote or a dragon?

15) The beavers have orange teeth because they contain iron and makes them stronger.

16) It’s a sea slug, which can photosynthesize and thanks to that it can stay without eating for nine months.

17) The tiniest frog

18) This spider can flatten wrap itself around the tree. I would be happy to see it.

19) Cat’s eye coral

20) A lizard in amber, it’s 54 million years old.

21) A little snake

22) Sea slag in Bali. Such a beauty!

23) A shaved tiger looks exactly like this.

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