20 photos proving that nature can anyway break through the civilization.

People always try to beat the nature: training animals, build cities, electrical stations, we try to take control over rivers and forests. Sometimes, it even seems that we are very good at it. But no!

Beautiful World collected several photos showing that nature anyway lives by its own rules. It’s a prove that we shouldn’t try do beat the nature, it’s more powerful. We just need to respect it and be a worthy part of it.

1)A mushroom grown on the carpet

2)Rock with a tree growing out of it

3)A giant sunflower of my friends

4)Pumpkin seeds began to sprout right inside it

5)Grandma came home and saw this

6)Grass grows in my grass-cutter

7)The eggs of the European robin next to my window

8)Look like the aliens, but it’s just growing avocado

9)A tree grown in an old bunker

11)A show in the forest

12)South California before and after winter

13)The tree has fallen and three others had grown

14)The top of the succulent broke off, I left it in a pot with earth, and it took root

15)Came home and saw this monkey

16)The seeds didn’t wait me to plat them

17)These ducks decided to have a walk in Kia car showroom

18)The tree grows through the fence

19)I forgot the onion on the microwave and he grew up without water and light

20)This stone has a little forest grown on it

What is the most stunning capture of nature you ever took? Share them in the comments.

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