18 photos of pregnant animals that will make you smile.

Not the most pleasant but the most lovable time of all creatures is pregnancy. Different animals expect a little creature for a different period, it might take from several days until several years. Elephant has to carry her babies for 510 to 730 days. That’s though!
Beautiful world wants to share with you some photos of animals before giving birth. These big bellies made us smile!

1) An elk with baby inside

2) She looks like she ate many worms

3) A giant pear with cow’s head on it

4) It might be difficult to move

5) Event at the late pregnancy she looks so gracious

6) Haven’t ever seen a pregnant zebra

7) Seahorse males also get pregnant. Did you know it?

8) She might get really tired

9) I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant

10) Little ratatouilles are coming…

11) Oh this belly

12) Such a beauty

13) Posing for Instagram #instamammy

14) Do the little hedgehogs have needles? If yes, I’m really sorry for the mummy

15) I am tired of this belly

16) Baby coming soon

17) Get up! Get up!

18) Another gracious one is posing

Which one made you smile? Share in comments with us.

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