17 proofs that it is impossible not to fall in love with a tiny sphynx!

Do you know how offensive it is that many people do not count the sphynx for cats?!! And all because they know very little about them. It turns out that the birthplace of Sphynx is not hot Mexico or Egypt, but cold Canada! This breed is quite young. It was purposely created from kittens, which their owners really liked.

We collected adorable photos of the tiny sphynx that will make fall in love with them.


Image Credit: Instagram/hr_pippi

2)So little and so bold

Image Credit: Instagram/peachfuzzsphynx

3)I’m not a monster, I’m a little kitty

Image Credit: Instagram/purrphynx

4)Watch out, he’s got blue eyes! – I’ve always had blue eyes

Image Credit: Instagram/nocoatkittysphynx

5)Happy family

Image Credit: Reddit/quad64bit

6)I am Batman

Image Credit: Imgur


Image Credit: Instagram/azurepeach

8)Cute little beauty

Image Credit: Instagram/nocoatkittysphynx

9)Look at his nose

Image Credit: Instagram/sphynxluna


Image Credit: instagram/freygeist_cattery

11)They look so helpless without the fur

Image Credit: Imgur/

12)I am in love with these cats

Image Credit: Instagram/mystikacattery

13)Dreaming …

Image Credit: Instagram/newans_sphynx

14)Lady Sphynx

Image Credit: reddit/supersonickittens

15)How can you not to like me?

Image Credit: Instagram/sphynx_missblue_missebene

16)Pleaaaaase, give me a cookie

Image Credit: Instagram/ sphynx_aqua

17)My morning pleasure

Image Credit: Instagram/ sphynx_ins.gram