15+ amazing nature photos, that will blow your mind.

The nature is full of amazing places and things, that we could never imagine of their existence. Once we see them, then our life becomes full of wonderful emotions and ideas.

Beautiful World presents you a collection of eighteen most beautiful captures the photographers took in all over the world. What you will see, would definitely amaze you!

1) The waves were frozen in Nantucket’s Island

2) Jellyfish and a turtle

3) 700 years old tree, which is the highest in the world and it’s 115 meters

4) The meteorite which fell to the Earth

5) Solar eclipse from above

6) Birds flying through black smoke

7) Winter in Japan

8) Shadows of trees from another point of view

9) Melting lava and kayaker. Such an extreme.

10) A photo taken by a telescope

11) It’s not a fire it’s an opal

12) The gates of the dungeon

13) A picture of sun in ultraviolet looks like this

14) The thunder

15) Macro human eye picture. So many textures

16) Frozen Switzerland

17) A monk prayed on the same spot for years, and here is what happened on that floor

18) A globe from Pacific Ocean point of view

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