15 actors who you know from your childhood but you have never seen them young.

The professional path of actors is really hard and sometimes it takes a whole life to become famous. Many Hollywood actors achieve glory when they are still young. Nevertheless, others continue climbing to success for a very long time. That is why there are some actors you even can’t imagine that they were young at some point.

We at Beautiful World decided to share with you the photos of actors in their youth. Now you can be sure that they weren’t born old.

1) Leslie Nielsen, 1926-2010.

2) Fiona Shaw, 1958

3) Christopher Walken, 1943

4) Louis de Funes, 1914-1983

5) Shirley Maclaine, 1934

6) Steve Martin, 1945

7) Glenn Close, 1947

8) Lin Shaye, 1943

9) Stephen Fry, 1957

10) Sigourney Weaver, 1949

11) Katie Bates, 1948

12) David Bradley, 1942

13) Helen Mirren, 1945

14) Rowan Atkinson, 1955

15) Whoopi Goldberg, 1955

Who is your favorite actor? Share the answer with us in the comments.

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