11 thrillers, after watching which, it is impossible to immediately fall asleep

Sometimes we spend around 2 hours to find a movie worth watching.
That’s why Beautiful World created this list of movies, after watching which you will hardly come back to reality.

1)The Invisible Guest

Spanish thriller with unexpected plot twists and a no less unexpected ending. We’re sure you will re-watch it several times.

2)The Body

Those who likes “The Invisible Guest” will definitely like this movie. It’s a realistic, a little bit gloomy movie with unexpected changes in the plot.


German French movie about social problems is based on real events. The main role plays gorgeous Emma Watson.

4)The Keeper of Lost Causes

Dutch German interesting detective that has incredibly beautiful music.

5)The Absent One

The second movie of “The Keeper of Lost Causes”, but you don’t need to see the first one to get the second.

6)A Conspiracy of Faith

We are not the funs of Department Q, but the third movie is as good as the first one.

7)At the End of the Tunnel

And again, a Spanish thriller. A paraplegic computer engineer managed to cheat bank robbers. Stunning acting, interesting plot make this movie unforgettable.

8)The Gift

Not typical American movie. It’s a psychological thriller which holds you in tension all the time. We don’t want to spoil it, so just watch it!

9)Wind River

Esthetic American movie with very important dialogs and beautiful scenes. You simply can watch it forever. The actors managed to transfer all the emotions.

10)Nocturnal Animals

You can stop this movie at any moment and the capture hang on your wall as a piece of art. Intriguing plot, professional actors, beautiful music and a little puzzle which you might not get from the first time.


Dutch movie left for dessert. The tense atmosphere of the Wild West, powerful actors and the plot – the ideal components of a good movie.

Which movie would you add to the list?

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