10 amazing houses that were built by pranksters. You’ll definitely want to visit them.

The architect is a pressing and challenging profession. But sometimes they get bored, and creativity requires freedom. These people decide to joke and leave their imagination free.
Beautiful World collected the most creative houses that attract tourists from all over the world and suggests you look at them.

1) Fat House, Austria

Image Credit: Woman.Rambler

This house was invented and designed in 2003 by an Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm. His creation is an exhibit of the Museum of Modern Art of Vienna. It seems that the one-story house consists of thick fat folds. The author wanted to make fun of endless consumption.

2) Crazy House, Vietnam

Image Credit: Zen.Yandex.ru

Architect Hang Nga decided to build an exceptional hotel in Dalat. She came up with a fabulous idea which the guests and the locals called “Crazy.” The building has no straight lines and ordinary walls. It is a big tree with a labyrinth of caves, magical decorations, and giant animals.

3) Curved House, Poland

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

Despite its name, the house is very functional, and people enjoy visiting cafes and shops that are located on the first floor of the building. The building was built in 2004, designed by architects Zalevsky and Shoti. The most remarkable thing about it is that there is not a single right angle in the building. Despite its modern and futuristic image, the house fits perfectly into the historic part of the city.

4) Basket-house, USA

Image Credit: shurakaput/Yandex

Seven-story house in the form of a basket for a picnic was built in 1997 in Ohio. The author of the project is the founder of Longaberger, which sells products for outdoor recreation. A picnic basket is their most popular product, and Longeberger decided to embody this company symbol in stone.

5) Dancing House, Czech Republic

Image Credit: Booking.com

At the moment, Dancing House or, as it is also called Drunk House, has already become one of the main attractions of Prague. It was built in 1996, designed by architects Vlado Milunich and Frank Gehry. The main parts of the building symbolize the famous dancers – Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. One of the towers symbolizes a man, which is stricter, and the second – a woman with a flowing skirt.

6) House-car, Austria

Image Credit: wuzzup.ru

Architect Marcus Voglreiter decided to immortalize his favorite Volkswagen Beetle car model (“Beetle”) near Salzburg. He designed a two-story building in the form of this machine.

7) Attack of the house, Austria

Image Credit: atlasobscura.com

The house was created in 2006 by Erwin Wurm. It was installed on the roof of the Museum of Modern Art of Vienna. The installation depicts a small house that crashes upside down into the roof, demonstrating how difficult it is to fit houses of different styles into the urban architecture.

8) The shell house, Mexico

Image Credit: mtdata.ru

Artist Octavio Ocampo and his brother built an amazing house! It is made of environmentally friendly material (shells, fragments of coral) and it looks like a huge snow-white shell, symbolizing the unity of man with nature.

9) Stone House, Portugal

Image Credit: ru.wikipedia.org

In order to rest from the city rush and be closer to nature, the architect Victor Rodriguez, in 1973 decided to build a house in the mountains of Portugal. Choosing a place for its construction, he came across the huge stones. It was a great place to build the dream house. At this time, no one lives in the house, because every tourist seeks to see it.

10) Shoe house, USA

Image Credit: savingplaces.org

Melon Haines, a 73-year-old shoemaker from Pennsylvania, in collaboration with local architects, decided to build a Shoe House. Initially, the building was conceived for promotional purposes, because the owner had several shoe stores. According to the project, even a doghouse was in the form of a shoe. The house has become a local landmark and attracts many tourists. Currently, it’s used as a café.

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